A Unique Forex Trading System...
What is the main factor that makes the winning traders?
By Zack Kolundzic
After being involved in financial trading for a great number of years both as a succesful trader and a succesful instructor I have come to the following conclusions.Most beginning traders
wrongly believe that they can create their own winning system by combining different TA tools. Even when they get hold of someone elses mechanical system that has positive expectations they are not able to follow the rules. Let me elaborate... Forex market behavior is influenced by such countless number of factors that no single person can comprehend, let alone follow and act on them. However, there are some people who are able to comprehend and act on a certain number of factors that influence the forex market.
When we say that 95% percent of traders lose and only 5% of traders win in the forex market game it doesn't mean that those five percent of traders actually understand the factors behind the forex market behavior. To summarize... Don't waste your time trying to understand the forces behind the forex market.
Master the big 3 of profitable forex trading and there's simply no way to fail...
"Beat the forex industry at its own game..."
"Fundamentals of successful
forex trading - a system that any
trader, regardless of experience,
can put to use - immediately..."

These are the nuts and bolts of STREET SMART FOREX trading system:

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Do you want the PROOF that my system works? Ok. Here are the results recently achieved by my strategy.
PROOF that my forex trading system works
To put it in layman's terms, a $5,000 start up capital combined with the power of leverage grew to $14,621.

Street Smart Forex

From: Zack Kolundzic
Quantum Globe Inc – Trading Desk

Dear Forex Trader,

The first question that any aspiring forex trader asks when he or she gets to the website like this one is: Why is this person revealing his system to general public when he can make all the money he wants in the forex market. Why share the information with other people?

Well, here is the truth. The vast majority of the trading systems out there are useless rehearsed garbage. They are written by people who can not make a single penny in the real trading world.

My interest in trading the financial markets dates back to 1996. when I was banned from most of the Nevada casinos. Up until that time I was making my living by counting cards on Black Jack casino tables.

However, greedy casino managers do not like players who are able to use their brains in order to beat the casino at its own game. They prefer “players” who will leave the last dollar at their “fine establishments”. So I realized that if I didn’t want my legs broken I needed to find another source of income…

Financial markets were the natural choice… That was the best choice that I have ever made. Here I am, 14 years later, financially independent. Free. However, I must admit that I have become completely obsessed with my trade.

To me it is no more a question of money and profits. Forex has become my way of life. I live and breathe EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD... At the same time it is a lonely way of life. Most of my family and friends are not that thrilled when I bring the “support/resistance” or “price momentum” terms at the dinner table. They are happy when I always pick up the $500 restaurant bill, but they don’t really care how I made it.

That is why every couple of years I take some time off my main trading business and share the information with people like you. People who are hungry to learn and succeed. Back in 2001. I came out with “Online Trading for Financial Freedom™” that was an instant classic. In 2003. I was the first person on the Net to write a complete forex trading system, put it into pdf format and provide it to general public. It was called “Forex Trading Course™”.  In 2005. I published “Forex Trading Strategy™”, a trading system that gave all of the forex industry a severe case of headache.

And now I am coming out with all of the tricks and techniques that I have acquired over the years in a single system that I have named “Street Smart Forex™”. It is a lethal combination of trading techniques that are easy to implement and at the same time brutally effective. It is explained in a manner as if you were sitting at my trading desk and watching me trade.

Forex Trading System Manual

What will it do for you?

First of all it will enable you to use the most powerful computer that you have on your disposal in order to beat the forex industry at its own game. That computer is five pounds of grey matter that you carry on your shoulders wherever you go. It is your brain.

Let me share a short history lesson with you.

Why is a dog considered man’s best friend?

You are probably asking yourself as to why would someone mention a dog in a forex related website… Give me a few minutes of your precious free time by subscribing to the form below and you will find out…

Why is a dog considered man's best friend and what does it have to do with forex...
Forex Trading Wolf

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So, what is the main difference that separates winning traders from the vast majority of losers?

Winning traders use COMMON SENSE.

First of all you need to recognize that your brain is the best possible weapon that you have on your disposal. Always ready and free of charge. All of those fancy TA tools and trading software are just that – YOUR tools. They don’t work on their own. You need to understand how and when to use them. And what is more important – when NOT to use them.

Here are examples of some of the most recent trades:

Example 1: GBP/USD Day Trading Strategy

GBP/USD Day Trading Strategy

Example 2: EUR/USD Day Trading Strategy

EUR/USD Day Trading Strategy

Example 3: EUR/USD Short Term Trading Strategy

EUR/USD Short Term Trading Strategy

What does “Street Smart Forex”
trading system cover?

Street Smart Forex is a lethal combination of trading techniques that are easy to implement and at the same time brutally effective
It includes both day trading and swing trading strategies
It is developed as a result of years of trading experience
Can be tested without risking any trading capital
Strategies are explained in great detail with lots of real life examples, no question is left unanswered
There is no fluff, it doesn’t talk about history of forex market etc…
Protects trading capital to the extent that the probability of losing is almost non-existent
It can be applied from any country and at any time of the day
Applies to all major currency pairs
You can start trading with as little as $500 and you don’t need any extra products to implement the system
System is explained in a step by step fashion
  • identify if you are in a sideways market
  • If not in the sideways market identify the long term trend
  • Enter the market on the signal that is in tune with the long term trend
  • Calculate the signal strength based on my proprietary formula
  • Extract as much profit as possible based on my recursive trailing stop
  • You will also learn how to obtain the most reliable real time quotes and charting software
    How to use the info from the previous trading day to your advantage
    How to prepare for the trading day
    How to use volatility to your advantage, which entry signals NOT to take, using power of leverage


    Here are some of the most
    frequently asked questions...

    How much money do I need to start trading?

    Depending on the amount your broker charges you for commission, you can start trading with an amount as low as $500. Remember that starting out with low trading capital may put you at disadvantage because you will only be able to trade forex in small share lot sizes.

    I live in Europe, will your trading approach work here?

    Concepts and techniques that are explained in the course work from anywhere in the world. The course has been designed to be useful in every country. All you need is an Internet connection. Therefore you may live in France, UK, USA, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Kuwait, ... it really doesn’t matter where you live...

    What does the "Street Smart Forex" trading system include?

    The "Street Smart Forex™" covers all aspects of currency (forex) trading and it includes a proven system that is explained with real life charts and examples.

    Does the system cover both day trading and swing trading?

    Yes, it does. I have included trading examples for both day and swing trading so the traders who don't have time to sit in front of the computer for long time can still successfully trade forex.

    Will I be required to buy any additional products from your company in order to be able to implement your system?

    Absolutely not. I am not affiliated in any way with any software provider, brokerage house or any other investment services firm.

    Does the system cover currency pairs other than EUR/USD or USD/CAD?

    The system has been designed to be useful for trading any major currency pair such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF etc... The examples in the course are mostly EUR/USD, USD/CAD and GBP/USD, however my forex system can be easily applied to any other currency pair.

    Can I use the system at trading instruments other than currencies?

    The trading approach taught in the system can be used at any financial market. However, if you are planning to swing trade, forex market is highly recommended due to high volatility and a great number of trading opportunities.

    Do I need any specific academic background in order to be successful?

    Not at all. Successful active traders and day traders come from many different professions. Very often, people who are very successful at school or at their businesses wrongly believe that their success will be automatically translated at forex trading. It is usually not the case. Active trading has its own learning pace and my system will prepare you to enter this exciting field.

    What kind of Internet connection and computer hardware do I need?

    The kind of Internet connection that you should use depends greatly upon your trading style. Active day trading requires high bandwidth, high performance and reliable Internet connection. Although it is possible to successfully day trade using regular phone line connection, we would recommend you to use either Cable or DSL Internet service if it is available in your area. For swing trading you may use just a regular phone modem connection.

    Forex Trading System

    Download my forex system in five minutes...

    "Street Smart Forex™" comes to you as an ebook. I did this so you can pick up your copy right now and have it downloaded onto your computer and be reading it in less than two minutes. No need to drag a CD player into your office, or worry if your computer is able to play teaching videos.

    It's an in-depth, lively ebook and I took a lot of care when I wrote it.

    For one thing, I made sure there was nothing unnecessary in it. No fat. No filler. No fluff. No padded out history lessons. And certainly no long-winded explanations of unnecessary technical theories. You don't want to waste your time or money on an ebook that's got extra chapter added just to make it look substantial. You want to get straight to the point and discover quickly and clearly what my forex system is. So what I've given you is a well-paced explanation of everything you need to know so you can apply the system to your trading immediately. Nothing more. And nothing less...

    In plain, easy to understand language that you'll understand even if you are trading beginner, I explain exactly how you can know the perfect time to enter the market, when to exit, and why. I give you examples and charts (lots of charts) so there is no question unanswered and you will completely understand my forex system.

    This forex system is going to repeatedly reveal to you a series of highly profitable entry and exits points in an almost unending run of currency movements that will leave your colleagues shaking their heads in disbelief and wondering how on earth you can pick trends with such uncanny accuracy.

    "You like it... or you get your money back"

    Forex Trading Systems Guarantee
    "Street Smart Forex™" comes with my no-questions-asked, 60 days, 100 percent money-back guarantee. If for any reason you decide our strategy is not for you just let me know. I'll refund your payment! Every penny of it!

    Risk Free

    If you find that my system doesn't return profits that compare very favorably with the professional trading teams in large corporate trading houses, just tell me. And I'll issue a refund. Promptly and without question. In other words, there is absolutely no risk taken on your part.

    Imagine what this is going to do for your trading. Think how your profitability would change if you could time your entries and exits better. What would your trading be like if you could consistently pick those tops and bottoms.

    But you don't have to just take my word for it. Along with the ebook, I am giving you a famous 60 days guarantee.

    If, eight weeks from now, you're not convinced that it is the simple, profitable, consistent Forex profit-taker you expected, then just tell me -- and I will gladly refund you 100 percent of what you paid for it! No hesitation. No questions asked.

    In other words, all the risk is on me. You don't have to expose a single penny. How much better does a guarantee get!

    In Your Opinion, How Much Is A Winning
    Forex System Worth Paying For?

    Some people pay hundreds of dollars each month for expensive coaching services and complex trading systems.

    But you don't need to. If you're truly serious about the possibility of learning how to spot those critical entry and exit points with my new system, your total investment is much, much lower.

    I have set the price at affordable level of $147.

    I have set the price this low because right now I want to get it out to as many people as possible in order to get the feedback. Once I am into the next phase the price will go up to something like its real value.

    Don't say "Yes" right now. Just say, "Perhaps".

    Give it a try. Download it right now. It'll take just five minutes. Read through it. You'll quickly see what it is all about. Try it out at your own pace.


    You have arrived at this site just in time to take advantage of a special $47 Trial Offer...

    I am giving the next few traders who act quickly to try my system for the next 60 days together with two extra bonuses...for just $47!


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    Forex Trading System Book REGULAR:
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    So, as I said, just pick up your copy now, today, and take your time going through my system. Trial and test it for yourself, and then decide. Use the system for the next two months and I am completely confident that your "Perhaps" will turn into a resounding "Yes!"

    Act Today And You Will Receive
    The Following Two Free Bonuses...

    FREE BONUS #1: Exclusive Forex Manual
    Here are just some of the topics covered inside this indispensable manual: Complete coverage of all of the Currency Exchange Systems, Spot Market, Forward Market, Futures Market, Economic Fundamentals, Economic Indicators, Technical Analysis, Types of Charts, Trends, Support and Resistance, Trend Reversal Patterns, Trend Continuation Patterns, Gaps, Moving Averages, Oscillators, Stochastics, MACD, RSI, Fibbonacci Analysis and Elliot Wave Theory, Managing Foreign Exchange Risks...

    FREE BONUS #2: Inside the Trading Mind
    Ten ways to stay focused for Real-Time Traders: Take two traders. Give them the same starting capital, the same trading platform, the same market and the same trading system with precise rules for entry and exit. Come back a month later and what will you find? One trader will be up, the other will be down. It is fascinating how two people can have the same opportunities in life, and yet get very different results. Inside of this ebook you will find the top ten ways to stay focused and take the most from your trading system...

    Download the "Street Smart Forex™" now and learn my system. Test it in the real world without putting down any trading capital until you're comfortable with your skill. Then enter the market. Try it out. Find out for yourself. Pick up a copy now and put what you discover to the test. You can back test it, paper trade it, or use it in real time with real trading capital. I am confident my new system will totally delight you.

    Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced trader, "Street Smart Forex™" will greatly improve your chances of success and it will help transform you into a competent forex market combatant.

    Best regards,
    Zack Kolundzic

    Order Your Copy Of "Street Smart Forex"™ Today

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    P.P.S. Still hesitating? I understand. You don't know me, and you must preserve the limited capital you have for trading. But let me say quite openly and humbly that what I am offering to you is truly different, and significantly superior, to any other Forex trading service you will ever see. It is original, ground-breaking stuff. And offers you the chance to not just trade profitably, but to trade with confidence! Click here to order now and start profiting on those fat little intra- and multi-day swings with a trading system that is so simple it is elegant, and so safe it is almost impossible to lose your trading capital.

    Street Smart Forex™

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